Sunday, December 23, 2012

The End

Well here I am at the end of my exchange experience sitting in the airport.  Its such a bittersweet feeling.  The past weeks have just been finals, and spending as much time as I could with my friends who I may never see again.  Overall, I did well in my courses, which proves I can keep up with the Chinese haha.  I do wish i had done a bit more traveling while here, but I feel like I made the most of my time in Hong Kong.  I really feel a part of this city, and I've grown so attached to it.  Returning home will be a bigger shock than coming here I think.  There won't be anymore MTR rides, or catching mini-buses, and conversations always going on around me that I don't understand. And that view from the atrium at UST was still breathtaking till the last day.  Pictures can never convey the beauty of that view and the campus.

I feel like I've experienced more in these 4 months than I have in my entire lifetime.  It went by in the blink of an eye.  I have never felt more grateful to be able to do this, and I have no regrets about this experience. 

I will greatly miss the friends I have made here.  They are the most unique people I've ever met, and if I never get the chance to see them again, I will always remember them.  They are lifelong.

My friend Louis and I eating Thai Food
My friend Gabriel and I eating Korean BBQ
My friend Elly and I eating Dessert
Elly, Me & Gabriel
My friend Marcus (lived next door)
My Hong Kong band GroGoGuys (Guy, Joven, Me)
Friends at the Wanch (Noriko, Datye, Guy, Me, Sonny, Luis, Joven)
My awesome friend Rong
Although I am going back to the US, I feel that there is a part of me that is staying in Hong Kong.  Something tells me I will return someday, I don't know when. 

Well, this is pretty much the conclusion of this blog.  So thanks for reading, and i hope it was useful to anyone looking for a similar experience.  If you have any questions about Hong Kong or UST, feel free to contact me.

Signing Out


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